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Essential oils have been used as a medicinal product throughout time to holistically improve one’s mental, emotional, and physical health. The popularity of essential oils has not ceased since they were discovered by Eastern physicians and scientists in ancient times.

This post will detail the therapeutic properties of essential oils, as well as a brief history of Aromatherapy.
Essential oils are distilled from a plethora of different organic plant compounds– such as fruits, roots, seeds, and leafs– to produce soothing aromas, which remedies differing health problems. By steaming the plant mixtures, the oils are split from their watery composites and concentrated into potently fragrant drops. Depending on the fruits or aromatic flowers utilized in crafting essential oils, the effects widely vary. For example, researches indicate that the scent of lavender can influence REM sleep, ginger can mitigate nausea among cancer patients, and oranges can help reduce anxiety during a busy season in work or school. Further positive health boosts from essential oils include a boosted immune system and enriching one’s skin health through the nutrients and antioxidants dispersed from the oils. The perennial history of essential oils remains relevant to conceptualizing its ancient and modern usage as a form of alternative health care.

The Ebers papyrus suggested treatment for asthma is a mixture of herbs heated on a brick so that the sufferer could inhale their fumes. Source Wikipedia

Within the sphere of ancient history, the most recognized form of aromatic botanicals was the Egyptian’s practice of mummification. A myriad of spices such as juniper and cinnamon were prepared into oils to embalm the departed for their journey into the afterlife. The Egyptians very much revolutionized usage of essential oils and propagated oil treatments throughout the ancient world. Historians have traced the Ebers Papyrus as the first scroll that encompasses aromatic recipes from ancient Egyptian healers. Dating back to 1,500 B.C., Ebers Papyrus contains centuries of botanical treatments and is a testament to the cultural importance of essential oils in ancient Egypt. The various histories that inform the sophistication of oils and botany in ancient Egypt are as rich as the fragrance of lavender. Herbal medicine today owes a debt of gratitude to our distant ancestors in the Middle East.

Ancient oils are still commonly used today; both Myrrh and Aloes are used as skin cleansing agents, and Onycha and Frankincense stimulate prayer and meditation.

With all the multiple uses available today with essential oils it’s important to realize all of the benefits and the best products available.

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