Benefits of Using CBD Oil

As laws are starting to change, more people are becoming familiar with the term CBD. But what exactly is CBD and is it really as great as everyone makes it out to be?

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is the portion of cannabis plants with medicinal benefits, derived from the bark, flowers and leaves. Hemp is part of the cannabis plant but is genetically distinct and is usually used for industrial products such as clothing and organic body care, and as an enhancement in food for humans and pets.

THC is the element of the cannabis plant that creates psychoactive mood changes. However, unlike THC, CBD produces no “high” and is safe to use.

Beneficial Properties

The primary difference is that CBD has the beneficial properties of cannabidiol while hemp seed oil does not. Hemp seed oil is typically used for moisturizing. Cannabidiol is being used to help ease pain, especially when it is both ingested and applied topically. CBD oil will not lead to dependency, even if you use it multiple times a day. In fact, CBD oil is not only being used to ease everyday pain, it decreases aches and lowers overall levels of anxiety as well as works as a sleep aid. It is also being used to decrease inflammation, aids in post workout recovery, leads to cellular growth and regeneration, and helps improve circulation.

With regular use, the list of benefits grows. Some people have found it has been a great option for depression, anxiety, acne, and even nerve-related pain. One of the best things about CBD oil is that there are no known adverse side effects, so it can be used as needed by each individual to aid in easing their unique symptoms. One of the best ways to utilize the benefits of topical CBD is through regular massages. It can be used to target painful joints or sore muscles. Many people notice a drastic improvement in their overall pain levels and a big difference on their general well-being. Opting for CBD oil during a massage can have you feeling less stressed and more tranquil during the entire experience.

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