Being balance-driven requires a tinge of selfishness. Most people may think “yikes!” when businesses advocate prioritizing yourself. Willow Massage believes in order to be at your best for others, a healthy dose of time to yourself is essential. A few hours a month of therapeutical massage and esthetic sessions can help decompress and lead to a more productive home and work life. Listed are the benefits—both financial and personal—of Willow Massage + Spa’s Wellness Club.

The services presented in the Willow Massage + Spa Wellness Program range from customized esthetic services to a variety of massage methods to relieve deep tension. The package allows for customization to help heal pain, elevate moods, and promote stamina. Nerves, muscle, and tissue connect throughout the body. Strain from work and psychological stress can inflame muscle and nerve pain. The Wellness Program assuages every day pains and aches with massage and esthetic services.

Massage and Spa sessions each month can enhance a healthy body and mind. To complement our policy of stress-free and diverse treatment—Willow Massage + Spa allows the Wellness Program to be custom-shaped over therapy sessions. During one treatment, the rigor of an exercise routine may require a sport massage. The next session could include a medium massage to relieve back pain from being hunched behind a desk. Our rhythmic and soothing massages provides a sense of repose to sweltering rush hour traffic or the frantic hustle-and-bustle of a busy office!

Willow Massage + Spa has the best deal in the East Valley for Spa services. Our clients have the choice of a diverse listing of massage, esthetic and aromatherapy sessions. For $60 a month, you can receive one-hour services. Back, foot, facial, and massages for sports injuries are offered in the package.

Scheduling time for leisure activities can be challenging, especially if the calendar is filled with appointments. Willow Massage offers easy-going arrangements and a variety of services for our wellness program.

With no long-term contracts and no cancellation fees, Willow Massage stands by our policy for hassle-free, rejuvenating treatment. Contact Willow Massage today at: 480-696-3132 for a special one-time enrollment fee of $20.