Employee Burnout – Tips for Relief

Employee burnout is a central organizational challenge in most businesses. It is estimated that close to two hundred billion dollars is spent by over worked employees in the health care market each year. Exhausting workloads and a competitive job market are just a few of the factors that contribute to this widespread issue of employee burnout in America.

Ensuring employee wellness does not contain a singular strategy for businesses— in fact, a diversity of self-care techniques are out there. Willow’s revitalizing massages are just one of the self-care methods that encourages employee wellness.

The Myth of Multitasking
Research from psychologists indicates that multitasking requires more effort and less productivity. Multitasking essentially switches tasks back and forth, so multitasking doubles the work load while draining more energy. In some situations, multitasking is impossible to avoid— but minimizing time spent racing between two tasks is vital to preserving stamina during a busy work week. Businesses may view multitasking as sign of productivity, however chronic fatigue occurs from constantly overstimulating the brain. Instead of pressuring multiple tasks on an employee, encouraging completion of one project at a time heightens attention to detail and general productivity. Breathing exercises are recommended to help restore focus when several deadlines are pushed at once.

Work/Life Balance
Just as multitasking at work can deplete one’s energy level in the work place, a lack of a work/life balance can negatively impact an individual’s personal life. As the job market has become increasingly competitive with technology, the majority American workers reportedly work over fifty hours a week. The staggering statistics of just how demanding employment is accounts for deterioration in overall health and relationships. Our high-tech world may have boosted the quality of life, but it’s important to step away from the screen when the work day ends. Constantly checking emails or performing work related tasks via the web diminishes one’s ability to unplug and connect with spouses and significant others. It’s crucial to detach from technology to find time for exercise and family related activities so the dangers of multitasking don’t prevail over rejuvenation.

Massage and esthetic services are an alternative form of health care that is vital to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Massages facilitates the effects of meditation through relieving stress and helping achieve a positive state of mind. Pressure from job related responsibilities results in tension among soft tissue in the face and muscles. Properly recharging from the hustle and bustle of daily life necessitates treating oneself to massage therapy to invigorate both mental and physical health. Message therapy is a form health care that helps prevent stress and fatigue.

At Willow Massage + Spa we offer a corporate wellness program that is a perk for business owners to participate in. Enhance employee productivity in both work and family life and build long term loyalty. Contact us for more information on how the program works.

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