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Lomi Lomi Massage: The Art of Traditional Hawaiian Healing

Everyone loves getting massages. Not only do they leave you feeling relaxed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way, massages have healing and restorative powers. Physically speaking, massages help to improve circulation, increase flexibility, boost sleep quality, and even strengthen the immune system. In addition to the physical benefits, different massage styles have various mental and emotional benefits as well. One of our favorite massages is the Lomi Lomi massage, also known as a Hawaiian massage.

What is a Lomi Lomi Massage?

This specialized massage is a type of massage that focuses on our connection to the Earth, our ancestors, and the rhythm of everyday life. It’s a style of massage that helps you target your spiritual energy and realize your inner potential. Since this style of massage has been passed down throughout history, many families and practitioners have different Lomi Lomi techniques. However, for the most part, one can compare them to a blend of Swedish and Thai massages.

How does it work?

Most Lomi Lomi massages start out with some sort of breathing or meditation exercise. This helps you center yourself and prepare for the healing powers of Lomi Lomi. With Lomi Lomi, you’ll experience long, sweeping strokes that are delivered in a way meant to feel like a wave rolling against your skin. It’s a very rhythmic process that helps improve overall circulation. The touch in Lomi Lomi techniques are more compassionate and are said to embody more of a “loving” feel rather than an impersonal massage. Some practitioners incorporate these rolling motions into a graceful dance to help emphasize the spiritual energy of the room. These alternating motions work to encourage connection with the Earth, but there are deep-tissue techniques applied as well. A key characteristic of this specialized massage is the focus on the spine. The goal is to make sure you’re completely unwound, so a practitioner often creates spinal movement throughout the entire massage.

How does this differ from other massages?

Unlike traditional massage, Lomi Lomi massages place a strong emphasis on the abdomen. The goal of using a mixture of techniques on the abdomen is to help your body reenergize itself, revitalize your organs, and improve digestion. Lomi Lomi focuses on optimizing your health rather than mere relaxation—making it a unique type of massage. Since Lomi Lomi is so rooted in family and ancestry, the act of receiving this massage is very personal and focuses on helping you heal yourself. The massage is often seen as merely an aid to help you learn how to do this. Depending on where you go, your practitioner or healer may recommend a complete detoxification and cleansing program for you to further benefit from Lomi Lomi. Simply put, Lomi Lomi is much more than just a massage.

If you opt for a Lomi Lomi massage, make sure you find a practitioner that is adept at this style and understands the importance of connection and healing. If you’re in need of spiritual and emotional strength, this massage is a great place to start. It works to align your body’s natural energy sources to promote positivity and a healthy mentality. It helps reduce anxiety and realign your inner purpose. Hawaiian healing is rooted deeply in spirituality and our connection to the planet and positivity. Because of this, prior to scheduling a Hawaiian massage, you should prepare yourself for a change in thinking and arrive with an open mind.

If you’re interested in receiving a traditional Lomi Lomi massage with a certified practitioner, head over to Willow Massage today and ask for Chico. Chico is our certified Lomi Lomi masseuse and received his training from Hawaiian Experience Spa. There are also many other types of massage to choose from at Willow Massage. To learn more about scheduling a consultation or booking a service, contact us today.

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