Comphy Sheets

Developed for the Spa. Designed for Ahh.

Did you notice how soft our sheets are? There’s a reason our clients have been asking about our sheets. Once you experience the “comphy”, soft feeling, nothing else will do.

Luxury + Quality = Comphy

Compy sheets were created for spas by a spa director, Comphy’s founder, Mia Richardson. In a spa, our sheets get a lot of use—they work almost as hard as our therapists! She designed Comphy to not only feel great but also stand up to spa use. Imagine how durable they’ll be in your home.

Our sheets are made from high-performance, superior quality microfiber that feels like a 600-thread count cotton sheet. They’re lighter than cotton, dry faster and are wrinkle-free, making for less time and effort in the laundry. Durable microfiber last 2 to 3 times longer than a standard cotton sheet, adding to the durability and sustainability.

We love Comphy because they not only feel great when you’re in them, you also feel great about buying them.

Better Linens for Better Sleep

We don’t make this claim lightly. Comphy used a research firm to study sleep habits and patterns of participants. The results showed that people slept 2 hours longer, fell asleep faster and woke up less frequently when sleeping on Comphy sheets.

Bring the Willow Massage + Spa experience into your home by purchasing your own set of Comphy sheets.

Design Your Bed

Comphy sheets come in a selection of colors to coordinate with any home décor. Are you having trouble picking a color? Try Comphy’s bed design tool to play with color combos and find the one that you like best.

We have more products available. Ask our staff during your order or download the price sheet here.

Get Your Comphy Sheets Today!

We’ve partnered with Comphy sheets to offer this amazing product in our spa. To get your set, ask about them about the front desk after your appointment, call us at 480-696-3132, or fill out the form below.

Comphy Sheets


What is the thread count?

Silks and engineered fabrics do not use thread count as a measure. Thread count is a tool developed by the cotton industry to help consumers evaluate sheets. Linen industry leaders, government agencies and retailers are recommending abandoning thread count and in its stead suggesting we should judge sheets by how they feel.

Will I sweat?

No. Poly microfiber is the fabric of choice for athletic teams and outdoor wear companies such as Patagonia.

Will stains come out?

We treat our fabric with a stain release process manufactured by one of the world’s largest manufacturers.

What type of detergent should be used to get rid of stains?

The sheets are pre-treated to release stains. However, if there is a stubborn stain then we recommend Spray ‘n Wash or Shout.

What is the filling in the quilted blanket?

This too is a microfiber – ensuring durability – and is non-allergenic.

Where are the products made?

Our fabric is woven and sewn by a small, family run business in China.

Is there a warranty?

The sheets are guaranteed for 300 washes.

How do I launder my Comphy sheets?

Washing Instructions:

  • Pre-treat stains: follow instructions for product concentration and treatment times
  • Do not wash linen with other items such as towels
  • Use commercial grade laundry detergent
  • Comphy recommends adding Tide Stain Release in Wash Booster
  • Sparingly use liquid fabric softener to control static electricity build up and improve wrinkle-free appearance. (Alternative methods mentioned are to add a cup of white vinegar to the wash or to toss a clean, unused tennis ball in the dryer during drying)
  • Wash on Permanent Press cycle using hot water, and cool- or cold-water rinse
  • Use Slow Spin cycle if available
  • Non-chlorine bleach may be used


Drying Instructions:

  • Set dryer on Permanent Press cycle, medium heat with Cool Down cycle
  • Remove promptly and fold