Tips to Relieve Adult Acne and Boost Long-term Skin Health

Acne is a common occurrence among adults and teenagers, but acne does not have to be tolerated as a painful aspect of daily life. More than half of American adults suffer from acne outbreaks at some point in their lives.

Hormonal imbalances are a leading cause for acne outbreaks among women. An overload of hormones in the endocrine system affects the oil glands and produces acne. Areas around the chin and jaw are prime spots where hormonal acne appears. Consulting with a dermatologist and using over the counter medication to treat acne can empty the wallet. Luckily, esthetic and massage services and its holistic healing benefits can reduce acne epidemics. Massage therapists locate reflex points on the body where glands and organs intersect with the endocrine system. Essentially, massages can regulate, circulate and equalize hormone production on the skin.

Stress is a leading cause of adult acne, which results from lack of sleep and exercise, as well as diet. Chronic stress affects every organ in the body and can cripple long-term health. The intersection between stress and acne outbreaks resides in a flux of hormones like cortisol. Having a steady massage or therapy schedule is a prime way to curb adult acne. Like other health conditions linked to stress, acne can become unruly if not confronted daily. Message therapy purifies the endocrine system and regulates stress to improve health holistically. Willow Massage’s sixty-minute facials are another productive way to curb adult acne without the influence of prescription medication.

Soothing facial massages and hydration products enhance overall skin health and decompresses tension and soreness on the face. Willow Massage’s facial treatments assist with clogged pores by purifying oil glands. Many over the counter acne drugs create a cycle of hormonal imbalance and flaking skin. Acne medications often do not reduce the cause of acne outbreaks, but momentarily curb its growth. Adult acne often continuously manifests due to medication replacing productive lifestyle practices—like esthetic services and facials. Scheduling a frequent visit with an esthetician can lead to long-term skin health and stress-reducing therapy.

Regular esthetic services can help with adult acne problems. From Microdermabrasion to customized facials, our trained estheticians will customize services for your skin type. With no long-term contracts and no cancellation fees, Willow Massage stands by our policy for hassle-free, rejuvenating treatment.

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