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Businesses wear a lot of hats. They work towards their goals, make sure to support their employees, and focus on growing their brand. It takes a lot of work to run a company, but regardless of what they’re doing, they should never pass up an opportunity to be active in their community. Community involvement means taking an active role and interest in the lives of the community and the people who live there. While this is good for a number of reasons, one of the best parts about community involvement is that it allows for businesses to connect with the people they share their daily lives with.

Community involvement fosters a sense of connection that regular marketing strategies will never achieve. It lets people know that you care about their well-being, which conversely, is great for business. Some companies don’t have the money to invest millions of dollars for donations, but everyone can make time. In return, businesses will start to see more loyalty, brand recognition, and an overall happier customer base. As an added bonus, almost every company that boasts high community involvement activities has happier and more dedicated employees! It allows for unique team building experiences, family involvement, and relationship building based on values.

Willow Massage + Spa understands the importance of this involvement, which is why their company is so dedicated to being active in their community.

Recently, they held a Kohl’s Back to School Drive that was aimed at helping families get ready for the new school year in style. In partnership with Gilbert Public Schools and the Gilbert Fire Department, Willow Massage + Spa supported the Gilbert community and wished students a successful 2019-2020 school year. Similarly, Willow Massage + Spa helped promote Treasures for Teachers—a great non-profit organization that offers free and low cost supplies to be utilized by anyone who is working with or serving children to help further education and learning. It’s a great initiative and one that truly helps everyone in the community, both teachers and children alike.

When they’re not focused on school, Willow Massage + Spa takes an active part in a number of family-friendly activities. From free craft fairs to fun family events and everything in between, Willow Massage + Spa is there! One of our favorite events they sponsored was the United Food Bank over the holidays. It’s the perfect time to give back to those who need a little help, and businesses that participate in these events help make our community stronger. In addition to a number of active events, Willow Massage + Spa is a frequent sponsor and contributor to Gilbert Chamber of Commerce events and socials.

Willow Massage + Spa is an affordable and personable massage and facial business located in Gilbert/Mesa, Arizona. It is locally owned and operated, which is why community involvement is so important to them and they’re deeply rooted in the community whenever they can be. If you’re interested in learning more about events they take part in, check our Facebook Page or give them a call at (480) 696-3132. While you’re at it, go ahead and schedule yourself a relaxing treatment—you deserve it!

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