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How Does Corporate Massage Benefit Your Company?

Increasing productivity is a high priority for any company. A program like this can promote employee good will and help increase productivity.
Reports Show That After A Massage Therapy Or Wellness Program Was Implemented:

  • Customer Service Improved
  • Increased Productivity and Moral
  • 85% Potential Increase In Corporate Profitability
  • 25% Decrease In The Time Off For Work Related Injuries
  • $200,000 Decrease In Claims Compensation

Set your company apart from your competitors by implementing a program with Willow Massage. You cannot change the workload however you can help your employees manage the stress of the workplace. Partner with Willow and provide a great benefit to your employees.

Invest in Happy and Healthy Employees

There are several ways to set up a Health and Wellness Program for your company. Willow Massage can tailor a program to meet your employee and business needs.
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